VAEE: Corporate Identity & Graphic Design

poster 2008 vaee
2001 - 2011

2011: Based on the design from 2008, we prepared an advert, which was publish in EXARC Journal Digest.

2008: VAEE asked Mohini Visions to create a whole package: a poster, a folder and to design a cover for the Journal BAEE, which they publish 3 times a year. This should go with an example of how the new cooperative identity would influence the look of the contents. Since Mohini Visions took care of the design of BAEE for a period of 5 years in the past, we were familiar with the public and the image, which the VAEE was looking for.

For developing this new corporate identity, we started with the poster. Different samples were made of which one was selected and further developed. From this, we made the folder and the cover design. See Images for the final design of the poster, and other products.

2000 – 2004: For five years, Mohini Visions did the graphic design and final editing of a Dutch language journal (BAEE). This was published three times a year in hard copy, each between 24 and 44 pages, printed black white. The design was made in MSWord. These bulletins were subsequently published as a compilation. Hard cover, size A4. Design of the journal: 2000 - 2004, Compilation: July 2001.

In the same period, we created and sent several newsletters to the members of VAEE.

2001: Book "Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop" - these proceedings contained the contributions to a conference on experimental bronze casting. The editing was done by VAEE, the final editing and graphic design by us. It was printed with the preferred printer of VAEE, soft cover, 210 grs, full colour, interior B/W, 88 pages, glued.

In 2001 we also made a website for VAEE, the site was made in HTML, with some Flash animations. At the end (February 2004) it contained over 700 pages. We do not maintain this site since 2004.