Flyer / Advert

Flyers are a form of mass marketing or small scale, community communication. It consists of a front, or front and backside, and usually is A4 (letterhead size) or smaller. Flyers are typically used to promote upcoming events, products or services or to formulate the opinion of a political party or group during a demonstration. In many cases, adverts will look similar to flyers. Depending where it is published, technical requirements might occur. Adverts can be smaller than flyers (when for eg. placed on a page with more adverts / other information). Since more adverts are published on a single page - the design should be more striking (think contrast, colors, message).

Flyers are handed out on the street (known as 'flyering'), presented in a stall or shop, posted on bulletin boards, or given away at events. When the message you want to get across is clear and you know your audience, we can design and produce flyers pretty fast, often choosing a printer in the area where the flyers will be used. We will also advise on the text and images we get to our disposal from the customer, as flyers are a very fast type of media.