Megalithic Routes: Corporate Identity, Marketing & Website

Megalithic Routes website 2015
2015 - 2018

2015 - 2018: Mohini Visions was taking care of the technical maintenance. From 2018 the secretariat of the association took it over.

2015: Megalithic Routes is a young association (2012). The members decided that visibility needed to be increased. In order to connect all members of Megalithic Routes and make it clear that they all are part of the same organisation we created shields (26 x 20 cm) members place by their public entrances. With the logo of the Megalithic Routes and the logo of European Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and a creative set of the logos of the other Cultural Routes of Europa it makes a playful design.

Early 2015 we started with a new project, preparing a website and marketing advice for "Megalithic Routes e.V.". This association has members in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UK. They want to get more professional and asked us to help them out.

The website is made in Drupal 7, a very user friendly CMS, applying a new theme with Responsive Design. It is set in five languages and has a simple interface with Social Media. We also installed Google maps where all the members and megalithic monuments can be placed. In a later phase, the monuments will be connected into the Routes. The biggest challenge at this point was creating the possibility to translate everything into the different languages and preparing all the views and menus in different languages. The webmaster (a trained person from Megalith Routes) will be updating the website with all the missing info. Mohini Visions will take care for simple technical maintenance. Check

At a conference at Borger, NL (end February 2015) we also gave an extensive presentation on marketing, PR, products and Social Media, all in connection with the new website, using the phrase: "a website alone will not work".