Dutch Foundation for Alone born Twins: Graphic Design

Dutch Foundation for Alone born Twins
2013 - 2015

2014: Book cover - The 12 page teaser we had made in November 2013 had resulted in sufficient interest for the 250 page book to be published in own commission. Therefore, we were asked to design the cover of the future book. We prepared three options, all following the style of the teaser. The blue colours were agreed upon and by including a red accent, it all finished quite nicely. After the selection of the right draft we played a bit with colours (one is a bit darker, in the other the blue is more dominant). After a small text change, the cover was ready for print.

2013: Book teaser (12 page brochure) - The customer planned to publish her book independently. First, she needed to find out if enough people were interested to buy the book. For this purpose, we designed 12 pages with the most important themes of the book and prepared those in PDF (in print quality). The PDF was distributed through social media, and was printed as a brochure (A5 size).