The beginning... Flash Animations & Digital Presentations

The beginning... animations
1999 - 2013

2013: The last animation we made (commissioned by CXResearch Inc.) - For a TV commercial a short (12 seconds) animation was needed which would explain how a medical supplement works. The idea was to show how the main organs are in trouble; only after taking the supplement the stomach, liver and pancreas would become at ease, and the intestines would start working properly.

2005-2010: we made several animations for a film company (Jan Stap Onderzoek en Communicatie), they were using those animations to explain how to improve work with certain equipment. An example is this series of four animations made by Mohini Visions about drain asphalt. It shows what happens when asphalt is polluted with oil, water and then is cleaned. The four animations were included in a promotional film for IMS with extra explanation and footage.

2006: Several Slide presentations were made with different historical themes for PreHistorisch Dorp.

2003: We made an animation for a blood test for NowLeap, which explains a complicated routine of testing blood in a simple way. It was used online and in presentations.

2001: We made three animated greetings cards for a Polish company (Mark Boyle). We received a screenplay - the text which should show on the card, and had to design the story and images around it.

1999-2000: Bouwradius Uitgeverij requested us to develop several animations for different CDs, as "start animation" - which should include the name of the CD-ROM, the company logo, and a theme, which would explain what the CD is about.