It has never been easier to print books than nowadays. A book is more than just a brochure: it counts more pages and is bound as paperback or in hard cover. We like working with online printers: their quality is good; they work fast and their price low. This means one can print “on demand” instead of having a large stock of hundreds of books.

Most books we made were printed in a small circulation (we even had one distributed on DVD) for a specialist audience. We can make handbooks with a loose page system, easy to update when pages need to be changed, or we make books, which artists can use as portfolios, for their special customers or patrons. With our design, even the memories of your holidays become special, and not like any other photo book. Other books are printed in higher circulation.
All in all, the cover of the book must entice customers to actually buy it. Therefore, a lot of attention goes in choosing the right images and design. Mohini Visions was also asked to design "just" the book covers.