Martine Zevenhek: Graphic Design & Website

Martine Zevenhek Portfolio 2008
2004 - 2008

2008: Website "Martine Zevenhek" Besides a portfolio book which gets an important role in the website (we made an animation with all the pages), the artist also wanted to raise attention for her projects and other statues which were not presented in the book. Mohini Visions maintained this website until 2010.

2008: Portfolio "Martine Zevenhek". 60 pages, 30 x 30 cm; starting with the most recent work one pages back to the first statues of this artist. The oldest photos were not all of good quality / resolution. Some of them were for example made with a telephone camera. Mohini Visions ensured (by using of Photoshop) to get the images right and turned the collection into a fluent story running through the years. Except for the content, we also made the cover and an evaluation (necessary for the final exam). The book was printed in a small number at HEMA. In the same run, Mohini Visions created the website.

2004: Flyer and Business card "Martine Zevenhek" The artist evokes an own atmosphere which had to be taken into account (colours, shapes). In a playful way, the last name was designed as a modern logo. The flyer was meant to use with exhibitions and measures 6,5 x 19,5 cm, full colour, printed by the client herself. Going with this product, we also designed a business card.