Berben Antiek: Graphic Design and Website

berben antiek website 2017
2007 - 2021

2016-2017: The previous website of Berben Antiek was created around 2000. Since then many things changed in Internet technology, like the wide use of Content Management Systems (like Drupal) and Responsive Design which allows a comfortable view across all devices or easy access for the website owners to add new content. The new website fits with all these wishes. The request was to use dark colours. With that, the light images of the furniture and other objects are nicely presented. It is possible to search through different collections. Another search method is using keywords (like kind of furniture, date, material or country it comes from). Thus, the website gives many possibilities for the clients to find what they are looking for. Check

2007: Berben Antiek often travels in the Netherlands and abroad, searching for new antique furniture. In order to be recognisable the wish was uttered to add a large advertisement on the van by means of magnetic plates. These can easily be removed. The existing logo was used for this design, first 'cleaning it up' and then adding new information. Two identical plates were made for both sides of the van. The sizes: 530 x 1650 mm, thick: 0,85 mm.