NowLeap: Graphic Design & Websites

Nowleap flyers 2005
2001 - 2005

2005: A series of 11 flyers and 4 brochures (all letter size) for a customer from Florida. The request was to get a uniform style, which would go together with the website and other products. It was printed by the company itself, for that reason the design had white margins all-around of 0,5 cm. Four were printed double sided, others one page only.

2003: Digital Presentation "How MRT works". Made for the 2003 website. This explains a complicated routine of testing blood in a simple way. Made in Flash with navigation. Still in use during presentations. See the animation (converted to Animated Gif)

2003: The website needed to have a clear American "look & feel". We also wrote specific forms (CGI scripting) which process the data of the customers and forward it to the company. It was made in Dreamweaver. It also contains an extensive section about IBS and migraines as well as a part for patients about nutrition and diet. In October 2005, this site counted about 100 pages. We stopped maintenance by the end of 2005. A few years later it was replaced by a new one.

2001: The first website was developed for an American company. The navigation was made with Flash. The most important information, the content, was in HTML. We chose for an orderly navigation by leaving the selected button standing open. Special forms (CGI scripting) were written for this site that process the data of the customers and forward it to the company. About 25 pages. The site was replaced in September 2003.