Regional Fire Department: Graphic Design

Flyers "Workinstructions" 2003
2003 - 2004

2004: Series of folders "Operational Summaries". Three folders with a strip (added to this the logos of the organisations involved and on the inside pictures of each project). At the back, you will find a map of each respective area. Everything was printed in A3 size, full colour, and then cut to fit and laminated (in soft foldable plastic). These were made over a period of 3 months (March - June). Besides of these, two invitations were made in matching style, for the ceremony of the "Operational Summaries".

2004: Brochure "Pro-Actie". Following some earlier assignments, Mohini Visions also designed this brochure for the department Pro-Action and Prevention, Fire Department Gouda. It is printed on A3 size, folded double, with rings in the back so it can be fit into a ring folder. Cover: two colours, interior: black-white on previously printed paper with a two-colour logo on the side, 40 pages.

2003: Work instructions, these are part of the procedures designed using the new national corporate identity. They are designed in MSWord so future updates can be made in-house. A4 format, laminated. Two work instructions were made in 2003 (about how to deal with asbestos and accidents with water) and one more in 2004 (about highways).

2003: Folders with content. Several procedures were designed according to the new national corporate identity. The editing was done in MSWord in order to facilitate future changes by the client themselves. The folders (hard cover) were designed as well, for the contents on A4 and A5 size.