Mária Hillen: Graphic Design & Websites

cover portofolio
2005 - 2009

2009: Christmas card "MáriaHillen.nl" This Christmas card was designed to promote the recently produced portfolio as well as to advertise the website. Printed in full colour and distributed in over 50 pieces. The title of the card is "the bringer of the light".

2009: Portfolio "Mária Hillen" Despite the only 46 pages - 30 x 22 cm (so it Should not be called a book), still in this category. Page after page, the reader follows the colours and enjoys the atmosphere of the statues, combined with poems. Six years of visual art of this artist are presented. When making the book, some of the images were over six years old and not all of them in good quality / resolution. Mohini Visions used Photoshop to arrange a good quality presentation of all images and turned it into a fluent and coherent story of all these years. The book was printed in two editions at HEMA.

2008: Folder "Gestures of Consolation" The theme is a new series of sculptures, under the title "Gestures of Consolation". The client cooperates for this matter with Jannet van Kalmthout. The folder is made as such, that it can be printed on demand - in the design we counted with white margins of the printer. The folder is A4 size, folded lengthwise in three, full colour.

2008: Website "Gestures of Consolation" Besides an existing website with sculptures, a new website (a simple page) and a folder were designed for a new series of statues, under the title “Gestures of Consolation”. In future, this website can be expanded with more information and a form to order pieces.

2006: Flyer "Mária Hillen" The client had a chance to send a printed invitation for her course along with several mailings. This invitation offers all information and refers to the website (which is also designed and maintained by Mohini Visons). The card is printed at the size 10 x 21 cm (fits in a landscape envelope), at 250 grams paper in full colour.

2005: Website "Sculptures of Mária Hillen" This website is to promote the sculptures of Mária Hillen. One can see over 60 pieces of art (end 2009) and read about exhibitions of this artist and the training courses she gives. One can as well take a look in her workshop, with a short movie. The site counts over 75 pages. From June 2012, others maintain this website.

2005: Business card "Mária Hillen" Because the client is running two lines of work which are linked with each other (sculpture and coaching) the business card is printed on two sides, one full colour, one black&white (4/1). To clarify the inseparable lines of work, this card is made as such in the style later used for the website.